Antlers Book, 2nd Edition, Revised and Updated

Antlers Book, 2nd Edition, Revised and Updated
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There's no question that antlers are hot these days, everyone from hunters to hikers searching for them in fields and backwoods across the country. Handicraft techniques have moved far beyond the basic trophy mount as well, and one can find antler knives, antler pipes, and even antler chandeliers in shops and homes. Dennis Walrod's Antlers offers an entertaining and informative survey of all things antler, from their biology to their role in Native American culture to the sordid side of the antler boom. (Dubbed "the new ivory" by some). The book is also loaded with practical information and step-by-step instructions for measuring and scoring racks, mounting and display, collecting shed antlers, antler carving and more. Paper back. 211 pages,(including an Appendix with Boone and Crockett Score Sheets).