Beyond Adrenaline DVD

Beyond Adrenaline DVD
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Join's Founder Pat Lefemine on some of the most extreme bowhunts ever filmed! From charging Grizzlies in British Columbia to one of the World's most dangerous snakes slithering across Pat's feet in Africa. You'll see why these hunts are truly "Beyond Adrenaline". Includes footage and stories never seen before! Over 2 hours of hard-core bowhunting action using both traditional and modern archery gear!

"Very few hunting videos and DVD's turn my crank, but "Beyond Adrenaline" is one that does. Pat Lefemine not only gets it in relation to bowhunting, but he gets it in relation to portraying bowhunting with a video camera. In particular, the grizzly, leopard, and whitetail segments are beautiful and intense. And "The World's Greatest Tracker" will educate even the most experienced bowhunters. This is a DVD I will watch numerous times -- just to turn my hunting crank." -Dwight Schuh - Editor, Bowhunter Magazine

"Bowsite's Pat Lefemine has been on some adventurous bowhunts to say the least. Having a deadly black mamba drop into his African pit blind and then crawl across his feet is nuts! then taking a huge leopard on film that very evening is amazing! If that isn't exciting enough, how about a double-lung hit on a grizzly that turns and runs right over you? And watching Pat's young son blood trail a doe is as good as it gets. This is not your average DVD!" -Dr. Dave Samuel - Author, Bowhunting Personality

"Beyond Adrenaline (especially the World's Greatest Tracker Segment) Should win some kind of Award" -Gene Wensel, Author, Writer and Noted Whitetail Expert

  • Meaty: Over 2 hours of non-stop bowhunting Action
  • Exclusive: Never Before Seen Footage of the Grizzly, Mamba, Deer, etc.
  • Scene Control: Interactive DVD Motion Menus - View what you want
  • Interactive: DVD Shot Placement Game - Play on your TV !
  • Funny: Exclusive video of the "World's Greatest Bloodtrailer" !
  • 100% Real: Self-filmed or over-the-shoulder Action !
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