Cedar Flu Flu Arrows (per 1/2 doz)

Cedar Flu Flu Arrows (per 1/2 doz)
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Detailed Description

Premium cedar flu-flu arrows have white Classic index nocks, walnut stain, cresting, and a clear lacquer dip. They are fletched with four 4 1/2" high uncut bright colored feathers. Spine matched in 5# increments from 30 to 85 lbs. Flu-flu's are full length uncut. We can cut and taper for points and or install points and broadheads, check options above.

IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE NOTE: If you want us to mount your field points or broadheads you have to add them to your order. The fee for mounting points listed in the drop-down box does not include the price of the points themselves. Points and/or broadheads must be ordered separately and added to your order as a separate item.

Click Here for regular glue-on points.

Click Here for glue-on broadheads.

If you have special requests, please leave a message in the "message box" located above for point installation instructions.

Sorry, no returns on arrows that have been cut to length.

Shaft diameters may vary according to spine 30-35 and 35-40 are 5/16" dia, 40-45 through 65-70 are 11/32" dia. and 70+ are 23/64 dia.

Sold by the 1/2 dozen..