Bearpaw Crystal Clear Fiberglass* STRIPS* 72"

Bearpaw Crystal Clear Fiberglass* STRIPS*  72
Item Number: 4830
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Detailed Description

 Bearpaw Crystal Clear FIBERGLASS NOW IN STOCK! Quality fiberglass that's tough, and lighter than ever. Less mass weight in the fiberglass means a faster recovery for your bow limbs and more energy transferred to your arrows. Bearpaw Power Glass has more glass fiber than any other fiberglass on the market today. Compare to any other fiberglass out there. This is the best value you're going to find anywhere. Available in clear and black and in widths of: 1 1/2" x (.030, .040 and .050"), 1 3/4" x (.030, .040, .050" and .060") and 2" x (.030, .040, .050" ) Length: 72" strip. Sold per each.