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SALE!!! SINGLE PACK WERE $10.95, NOW $6.50, 3 PACK RED WERE $29.95, NOW $16.50 & 3 PACK GREEN WERE $31.95, NOW $18.50. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!
The Lumenok comes on when shot from your bow and stays on until you turn it off. The Lumenoks 3 volt lithium battery has a 5 year shelf life and will stay lit continuously for 40 hours. They work great for hunting and target shooting and will aid the archer with bow tuning. Lumenok is the simplest to use lighted arrow nock on the market. The Lumenok will work with any aluminum or carbon arrow that use standard ICS components such as Gold Tip, Carbon Tech, Victory, Carbon Express, Easton and Beman. For small diameter carbons from Trophy Ridge and Easton Axis, the Lumenok-X is available. Available in 3 sizes: GT-GoldTip, Signature and X. Choose from Red and Green and single pack or 3 pack and size.