Masters of the Barebow Vol. III DVD

Masters of the Barebow Vol. III DVD
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Now you can perfect your shooting by mastering your own shot sequence. Join Rod Jenkins, IBO World Champion, and Larry Yien, 3-time IFAA World Longbow Champion, as they show you how to "Perfect Your Shot"! " Effective for all bow styles and aiming methods. " Easy drills and exercises to prefect your shooting form. " Learn the secret of using flash images. " Building a forgiving shot. " Grooving your shot into the subconscious mind. " Staying calm during high-pressure hunting shots. " Breaking down the shot to understand shot sequence. " Simple techniques for maximizing accuracy. Also see successful bowhunter Denny Sturgis Jr. as he demonstrates these techniques to show you how to develop "killer bowhunting consistency". Two hours long.