Standard Spruce Arrows Deluxe (per doz.)

Standard Spruce Arrows Deluxe (per doz.)
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Detailed Description


These premium Spruce arrows have traditional index nocks, clear lacquer dip and a multi-color arrow wrap.  Arrows are fletched with three 5" shield cut left wing helical Bearpaw feathers. They come with white barred cock feather and red or orange hen feathers. Arrows are available in 55-60 and 60-65 only. Diameter: 11/32 inch

  1. Spine:  55-60
  2. Length: 32 inches
  3. Feathers: 5 inch shield left wing
  4. Nock: Assorted colors 11/32
  5. Extras: Bearpaw Arrow Wrap: Call for available colors  Finish: Clear lacquer
  6. Sold by the dozen in a nice dozen box
  7. Nock and feather colors may differ from the shown picture


We can cut and taper for points and or install points and broadheads, check options above. 

IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE NOTE: If you want us to mount your field points or broadheads you have to add them to your order. The fee for mounting points listed in the drop-down box does not include the price of the points themselves. Points and/or broadheads must be ordered separately and added to your order as a separate item.

Click Here for regular glue-on points.

Click Here for glue-on broadheads.

If you have special requests, please leave a message in the "message box" located above for point installation instructions.

Sorry, no returns on arrows that have been cut to length.