Traditional Bowyers Bible Set

Traditional Bowyers Bible Set
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Save $10.00! (Order online and save an additional 5%!) Never before has anyone captured as much bow-building knowledge in one easy to find resource. This group of books provides a remarkably in-depth analysis of the bow from its theory and construction to its correct use. You get the most detailed instruction ever put in print, with information on how to make the best bows possible and even arrows from natural materials. Every facet of the process is thoroughly explained, from choosing the wood to applying finishes, making construction easy for even the first-time bowyer.

World renowned experts reveal their secrets and techniques in these essential volumes filled with history, humor and practical advice- invaluable information for anyone interested in the age old lore of archery. Regular price:$99.80, Set price:$89.80, a savings of $10.00

Set Includes:

Traditional Bowyer's Bible Volume 1: By Steve Allely, Tim Baker, Paul Comstock, Jim Hamm, Ron Hardcastle, Jay Massey, and John Strunk. - A comprehensive guide to crafting fine weapons by today's top traditional bowyers. Experts who have made thousands of bows share the techniques which have taken decades to perfect. Let their experience guide you step-by-step through the entire bowmaking process, from tree to finished weapon. This fascinating volume belongs in every archer's library,heavily illustrated.

Traditional Bowyer's Bible Volume 2: By G. Fred Asbell, Tim Baker, Paul Comstock, Dr. Bert Grayson, Jim Hamm, Al Herrin, Jay Massey and Glenn Parker. Many archers and bowhunters will be surprised to learn that a wooden bow, whose ancestry stretches back thousands of years, will shoot an arrow as fast and effectively as the most modern fiberglass-laminated bows. Never before have such detailed instructions been available for the home craftsman, allowing him to make fine bows and arrows of natural materials. This volume covers bows from lumber, Eastern Woodland bows, recurves, strings, and much more, making construction easy even for the first time bowyer, 320 pages, heavily illustrated.

Traditional Bowyer's Bible Volume 3: By Tim Baker, Paul Comstock, Kustom Kings very own Gabriela Cosgrove, Jim Hamm, Gene Langston, Jay Massey, Jay St. Charles, Jeff St. Charles, Jeff Schmidt, Scot Silsby, David Takura - The third book in the Traditional Bowyer's Bible series, Volume III explores Plains Indian bows, arrows, and quivers, Stone Age bows, bowmaking tools, horn bows, take-down bows, making your own flint arrowheads, problem solving, and also a section on how Kustom King makes our hand-crafted arrows. Written with the same energy and detail as the first two volumes, it is illustrated with hundreds of photos and line drawings. Also includes a glossary and an invaluable index for all three volumes, 351 pages.

Traditional Bowyer's Bible Volume 4: From the creators of the first three classic volumes, this fourth Bowyer's Bible is essential reading for those who make wooden bows. Tim Baker, Paul Comstock, Jim Hamm and many of the other top bowyers in the world today provide insights into what thousands of bows have taught them. Includes Heat-Treating Bows, The Mass Principle, Character Bows, Design and Performance Revisited, Flight Bows, Arrows of the World, Laminated Wood Bows, A Copper Age Bow, and Ishi's Archery Tackle among many other ground-breaking chapters, 336 pages, heavily illustrated.